Sleeping a la belle etoile

Preparations for the MDS are continuing. I have this giant battle with the sleeping bag. I know I want a sleeping bag that is as light as possible but goes down to 0C. Now I can’t think of a single store in Toronto where the sleeping bags are organized by weight and temperatures – maybe I need to get out more? And what’s with stores being closed on Easter weekend? I always get caught off guard with holidays: I forget about them, when I remember them, I actually forget that it means that stores would be closed and things are on a holiday schedule. It is actually amazing to live in a such a metropole and be able to walk around on early Sunday mornings in empty streets.

Last month I decided that while doing the MDS I would raise $10,000 dollars for the Animal Alliance of Canada. This is one of Canada’s most vocal association for animal rights and as you all know animals (and the environments they live in) are very close to my heart. So, please help if you can.

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