Clif Bars

Who shops at Whole Foods for their Sahara Odyssey  ? Me, that’s who. I know it is crazy but, they are open late, the staff is friendly and they have great cheese… I went to MEC and besides picking up 25 Clif bars I also picked up a series of meals in a pouch from Alpine Aire Foods. I tried a couple of the vegetarian meals and they tasted awful except for the Potatoes and Cheddar with Chives. Now I asked a couple of Canadian MDS  participants about their food selection, they recommended Alpine Aire Foods. I’ll bet you they have not tried the vegetarian options! I also picked up a series of meals from Mary Janes Farm and they were better, particularly the Organic Southwestern Couscous meal. I will be going back to MEC to pick up 7 Couscous pouches, one for every day of the races! 

I still don’t have a sleeping bag. I am on my way to California for work so I will pick one up there. Apparently REI  has a larger selection than MEC when it comes to ultralight sleeping bags. I believe it will be possible to trim my pack down to 6 kilograms. Ray Zahab , who has run the MDS a couple of times already, will be running with a 6.5 kilogram pack. He is an expert. I am not. He is already packed and ready to go. I have 25 Clif bars !

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