Can you spell Panic? Today, I actually envy Robert – my dog, he spent the day sleeping in the sun, going for the occasional walk in the backyard, totally oblivious of the mad panic and rush around him. I am still not packed, I am still not ready. I leave tomorrow but tonight if you are around and wish to have a drink with this mad person, please join us:
When: 8 PM
Where:  The Red Room, 444 Spadina Avenue (Spadina and College)

Yes, I am procrastinating. Actually, I am cleaning up my desk and responding to emails for work so as not to leave anyone waiting for a response before my departure. Much to do of course. It will be an all nighter. If you have emailed me and did not receive a response: do not despair, I will be taking my laptop after all and I have a couple of hours in Paris tomorrow.

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