In Ouarzazate

Finally landed in Ouarzazate. Made my way to the hotel shortly after midnight and this morning met some of the American, British and Canadian MDS participants. All the breakfast discussions centered around packs. How heavy they are or should not be. How to trim weight. I saw Sandys pack – oh my God, it is small and compact. Sandy – the queen of the desert – has done the MDS 5 times – an experienced runner! After a short excursion to the town right now, I will get back to the hotel and pack and repack my bag until we are down to the basics. I already have just the basics: food, first aid kit and the compulsory items so how successful this is going to be remains to be seen. Every gram counts so I am going to go through everything.

Sandy promised to have a look at my pack and help me out so I will take her up on the offer. Things are getting exciting and scary at the same time. Some of these guys run an average of 120 miles a week

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