Packing and Repacking

I have now packed and repacked my bag 8 times; I can no longer repack it. Sandy kindly looked at my bag and we got rid of my antiseptic and replaced it with antiseptic wipes which are lighter; gave me lighter compass. Hassan the great moroccan MDS champion _ 7 times winner, has run it 13 times also helped me out and I am stuck at 7 kilograms. I can not remove any more rations; everyone agrees that I need food! I am going to try and repack a couple more times. Both Hassan and Sandy suggested I get rid of every bit of packaging and repack the food in a ziplock. I did that except for the evening meals, they are freeze dry meals; vacuum sealed. To the 7 kilograms water will be added…. and that will be a couple more kilos. The ultra runners are at 6.5 kilos. I am exhausted… I am posting a small serie of images…and that will be it as tomorrow is transport day and will include a 7 hour road trip.

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