Red Room

Thanks to all of those who came to wish me good luck at the Red Room. I know we are madly busy so it makes it extra special for me when people take time out of their schedule to drop by. We had a blast!

Had to get back to the office later that evening to finish clearing my desk of work items and then racing home in the early AM. On a serious note for all the friends who are concerned about my safety read on:

This is the 20th anniversary of the MDS and for the past 20 years they never lost anyone in the desert with the exception of an Italian gentlemen who got lost in 2001 and survived (miraculously) in the desert for 9 days before being found. That must have been horrible I am sure but this is a very well organized race. And even though I am a stubborn as a mule the MDS medical team has final say on who can continue completing the race (well they first have to spot you!) read on from the regulation book:

Medical Assistance

A specially-chosen medical team, specializing in sports and tropical medicine will be present througout the race with the use of assistance vehicle. It will be posted at checkpoints and at the finish lines each day and will ensure that any participants who are suffering from physical or mental exhaustion are brought back to the base camp. The medical team is allowed to remove ID plates and to eliminate any participant they feel physically unfit to continue the race.

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