Toronto Paris

I am afraid that I forgot a lot of little items that could make my life easier in this journey. I am the type of person who can simply get on a plane without a single piece of luggage with the exception of a laptop and bits of hardware for connectivity because I believe that you can practically buy everything you need along the way. Sometimes it works, other times it completely backfires because you realize like the last time I went to the Ecuadorian jungle that when people say far removed from civilization they actually mean far removed and not simply that the stores are closed! I forgot:
– wipes to use as I won’t have access to water
– flip flops so that I can get out of my sneakers when I am in the camp
– large ziplock bags for all kinds of emergencies
– a compulsary item: batteries and 10 safety pins
– toilet paper: of all the documentation that the organizers provide for this race (and there is a mountain of it) they don’t ever mention toilet paper. Upon carefully reading the regulation you realize that you are pretty much on your own out there, you will be provided with a paper bag to collect your dooh so it can be disposed of environmentally but everything else is your responsibility.

First order of the day upon landing: internet café and shopping.

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