Let the sun shine…


Still believe. I will be back in 2006. I did not finish the 2005 MDS race. I gave up day one! Day one and 19 kilometers into the race… They say that the MDS is 20% physical and 80% mental. I could not agree more. I was so not prepared mentally. I have never been scared in my life. Fear is not in my vocabulary. On the dunes, day one, no one in front, no one behind and so much road still ahead, I realized that since I was the slowest of all the MDS participants, I would be on my own the entire race. Every kilometer. Going over every dune and every hill. And fear moved in. I still don’t understand what really happened: my brain just shut down entirely. There was no talking to it, no reasoning with it. Total and incredible fear and marshmallow legs.

This is just a set back. Registration for 2006 will open next month and I will be one of the first ones in the line up. This time with a team. The MDS was an incredible adventure. And I met my hero: Lahcen Ahansal. 8 time winner of the MDS and an incredibly funny man. I cut my holidays short and got back to my desk in a hurry. I can’t be off when there is no challenge to complete. Back to the ovens at the Idee headquarters. Thanks for all the encouragements during the MDS, and thanks for believing in me. Impossible is nothing, next year I will cross the finish line. Back to training and building the team. I hear Peter P is interested.

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