The MDS Camp

The first night we arrived at the MDS camp, we saw all the tents set up to house all the participants. There were 780 runners to house. We did not realize it upon arrival but the tents were set up to form a 20. It made finding ones tent fun, as the numbering was quite creative. The entire Canadian team shared one tent, Nigel from New Zealand joined us. Typically for the MDS, Canada is grouped with New Zealand and Australia not for any particular reason but the simple fact that we share an MDS coordinator and he is typically responsible for the registration for NZ, AUS and CA.

Here are two pictures: The first one is the official MDS picture with a view of the camp from a helicopter.


This second picture is the one I took the evening of the arrival at the camp – called Bivouac in French – notice the dune in the background and some of the participants having fun racing down the dune. When they said big dunes, they were not kidding!


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