Marathon Madness

Ryerson_ruff_2_1 I would like to be able to do two things regularly: post and exercise. On the exercise front it is a disaster. I am doing a marathon on Sunday May 14 and have not run once this entire month. I will be walking this marathon – I may even consider carrying a sleeping bag in case I get too tired, I will take a nap by the lake! Just kidding!
Work is so much fun that it is now close to impossible to think about other things or make time for seeing friends, reading or anything not work related. But I am trying again: On Thursday May 12, Melina who is one of our project managers at Idée is closing the Ryerson University Film Festival (R.U.F.F.). This is The Fourth Year Graduating Class in the Program of Film Studies, School of Image Arts at Ryerson and is a celebration of cutting edge film from the next generation of Canada’s filmmakers.

When: Thursday May 12, 2005
Where: Royal Cinema
Time: 7 PM

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