Ticket Master Woes

I just can’t cope. I tried to buy tickets for the RUFF film festival this evening at the Royal Cinema. Ruff is the film festival put together by Ryerson University in Toronto for its graduating film studies students. Canada’s future Film Makers. I want to go but I can’t stand buying the tickets from Ticketmaster. I need to buy 6 tickets, Ticketmaster charges a “convenience fee” of $1.98 per ticket – even when you buy all the tickets at once. The “convenience fee” really means convenience for Ticketmaster because you fill out the form, you select the tickets, you input your credit card info etc. But… that’s not the end of the fees, when you check out, there is another $2.50 fee added to the entire total. This time the fee is a “transaction fee”. I just don’t understand how a university can do this to its student body: to buy a $9 dollar ticket for an event, you get to spend $1.98 + $2.50 = $4.48 for the privilege. And that’s not the end of the adventure: you need to pick up the tickets at a Ticketmaster booth, no electronic ticket, no electronic receipt that you can use as a reference to get into the event. You still need to rely on a little bit of paper that you pick up and take with you to the event. Oh boy!  I mean if even airlines can issue an electronic ticket for travel why can’t Ticketmaster? What gives?

I can’t do it. I won’t do it.

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