Mm_tin1  What is that you say? The tin medal you receive when you complete the Mississauga Marathon!
I completed it almost on my hands and knees. I need to thank my amazing support team:

If it was not for them, I think that I would have given up at kilometer 18! I also would like to thank the anonymous donors who littered along the Mississauga Marathon Course. Here is why: at kilometer 14, I already had blisters on each foot. I typically tape my feet to avoid that but I did a quick and lousy job in the morning. The tape ripped and got displaced, creating friction, hence the blisters. I needed tape badly. No tape around as I forgot my tape in the car. Sutha flagged a police car patrolling the course, and what do you know: the police car did not have a first aid kit nor tape of course. What was I thinking? The policeman radioed a St John’s ambulance – I am not costing you tax dollars, the ambulance was patrolling the course already! I got tape, taped my feet and off we went. That was the beginning of the adventure: at kilometer 18, as I have been shifting my weight onto my left leg – the right one being the worse one, I pulled a muscle – God knows where, all I know is it hurt like hell. And then some. Did not have any painkillers. Forgot them in the car. Started looking for discarded painkillers. I figured most of the marathoners are sensible people and they will carry a couple of painkillers. I was right: at kilometer 20 or so, there is this little blue pill on the ground. Sutha warns against eating it. I was in pain. I did not care. I ate it. It was an Aleve pill. I don’t even know what it was. I did not care. And then the painkiller hunt started. Spotted 2 Advils, still in their packaging. B-I-N-G-O! Jackpot really. I barely made it to the finish line. They were closing the race course, collecting the pylons and taking down all signage. But I finished. Next step the Waterfront Marathon in September 25, 2005. This time I will train.

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