Cringe Busters

Cringe Buster”? I call it the action item list clean up and yes, it happens on Mondays every week. Actually if I feel good about it, it happens on Sunday evening to get it out of the way and start the week cleanly.

I use a variation of Merlin’s Cringe Busting approach:

  • Review the action items before the start of the week
  • Identify outstanding items or items that have been just sitting there for weeks perhaps (shame, shame, shame!)
  • Understand why they were not completed
  • Break down action items into smaller subtasks and complete them during the week
  • Repeat the following week
  • Understand of what makes one “cringe”
  • And most importantly: get rid of action items that should have never made it into the list in the first place.

Talking about what makes me cringe: putting in place a running schedule. I have this erratic running schedule. The closer we get to a race (marathon) I binge run! This is no way to train. I know I need to run in the mornings. Evening runs are almost impossible because there always is an evening business engagement or dinner or more work. Running in the morning would be ideal. But… as soon as I get up, I want to get to work. I can’t wait to get to my desk and start working. I am anxious to get started so I don’t want to waste time running. Waste time running. Oh boy!

Now, I have a new schedule. I believe it will work during the summer but perhaps not in the winter. I get up at 5 AM. I work for a couple of hours, go for a run and then get to the office. This is week one. When I get past week 3, I will call it my new running habit until the winter where it will be really hard to get up and run in the morning, while it is pitch black outside.

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