Sleep is for Dead People

Whippersnapper1_1   Whippersnapper Gallery opened in February at Front and Sherbourne a 10 minute walk from the office. I attended their first show which was a blast and I am looking forward to picking up the painting I purchased. The show ended last week and they haven’t called yet. I am getting anxious. I want my Happy Monkey Painting (I am sure that’s not the name the artist gave his work!). Whippersnapper was founded by 3 university students, all under the age of 25. One of the founders is Ryan Hughes and his work is the work I liked the most that evening. It is playful. He is quite a talented lad.

The first show they put up titled "Sleep is for Dead People" was the result of getting 24 artists together and having them produce art for 24 hours non-stop. No sleeping allowed.

Whippersnapper Gallery is at 184 Front St. East.

Happy Monkey





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