Trail Run

The Mansfield Trail Run was great. I only run the Sports course which was a 5.8 KM course instead of the Enduro course which was 13 KM. It was a very, very easy run for me. I could have run the Enduro one – which is what I did in the previous trail run – but it would have taken me the entire weekend to recover and I had work to do on Sunday. During the race I kept thinking that there is a huge disconnect between my body and my mind: I am the type of person who would not think twice about signing up for a marathon or the MDS and while my mind says "yes" my body is basically wondering if I have lost it entirely!

We need to align body and mind in the coming months and start serious training again as I am signing up for the MDS in April 2006. Second time around. Looking forward to completing it this year and I will probably have to give up my Santa’s wife body! Does Santa have a wife? Well, if he had one, she would have my body.

I didn’t think that I would say this: I can’t stand not running. I miss it when I don’t make the time to run.

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