Running Finally!

Logo_mds_1   As some of you know: I am going back in April to the MDS 2006. Of course it is nutty but one has to finish what one starts (or at least that’s what I tell myself!). This time I am actually training instead of simply dreaming about training and procrastinating. You can cram for an exam but apparently you can’t do that for the MDS.
I have put in 14 hours of training since last Saturday (August 6) and I now have a coach. It feels like being back in school: you get homework (a training schedule), you have to complete the homework (i.e. actually run when the coach says run or bike or swim!) and you get marks for completing the homework (in my case, a pat on the head and another training schedule).
On Sunday I spent 3 hours on trails in High Park. The first hour was exciting because I thought hey, I am actually running more on a single Sunday than I ran all of last month! The second and third hour I started questioning my mental wellbeing. That said: I am hooked and my normal life is all over. I am actually looking forward to the next long run. Hold on to your seats: in 7 weeks I will be running a 50-mile race. Lisa (my coach) thinks I can cross the finish line. She is probably crazier than I am so we make a good pair. The race is in the Targhee National Forest. Grand Targhee is the main gateway to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks so at least it will be scenic.

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