Not much posting lately. Extremely busy at work. Great deals but nothing we can talk about publicly. So you will have to stay posted.
Spent the weekend up North mostly to get back on the training horse. Due to work I missed 4 days of my training last week. I paid dearly. I ran 19 KM on Saturday. The first 3 KM where hell on earth. I ran from a cottage deep in the woods to the town of Rosseau on Highway 141. Running on a highway in the heat of the day was not the best idea! The heat felt like 40C – it reminded me of the Sahara! My ankle started hurting at KM 5 and I just could not bear another “unfinished” race two weekends in a row so I plowed through the 19 KM. Got caught in a rain storm, got soaked and had to wait 45 minutes for my ride back to the cottage. All in all a great run! Sunday, I completed 10KM in an hour and a half. 10 KM used to take me 3 hours to complete 2 months ago.
Today is my day off in the training schedule with the exception of a 10 KM walk requirement. Training starts on Tuesday and culminates with 6 hours of running on Saturday!

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