Back home and running

Queen_street_beast1  I am back on the training horse. Yesterday’s training called for a 10-KM walk and a deep water run class. I landed at Pearson from Heathrow at 3 PM, got to office, caught up with the team and went for a 10 KM run in the evening. Dropped by the moving party at Magic Pony, grabbed a quick bite at Fresh, run into Adriana on Queen Street and raced back to the office. It was then 10 PM so I skipped the deep water run. Worked a bit longer and got home before midnight. I don’t want to miss any runs in the coming weeks. The 50-mile run is in two weeks. Today is a rest day but I walked to the office from home, a 9-KM walk.
Tomorrow, I have a 6 hours trail session scheduled. The run needs to be on very steep trails, I will find a couple in High Park. I will power walk all the ups, run the downs and go easy on all flats at 3/2. This will be fun! I am looking forward to it. I am going to attempt to start very early in the morning (say 7 AM) so as to finish on time for brunch.
The pink squirrel was a hilarious sight this morning on Queen Street. Great start to the day.

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