Weekend Running

The weekend training was quite awful. Saturday I had a 6 hour training run, this is in preparation for the 50 mile race in less than two weeks. The 6 hour run was a hill mostly run, at a 3/2 pace for the flats. First the mistakes:

  • did not drink enough water
  • felt that I could do away with the 3/2 pace and simply run, flat out in some cases (!)
  • not enough food
  • selected one of the worst hills in High Park because this was supposed to be a hill workout. The 50 mile race includes a climb of roughly 4,975 ft per loop (the loop is a 25 mile loop).

I think that before I engage in training I need to be sent to training to learn how to listen and follow instructions! The first hour of the run was awful, the second hour worse and it just kept getting worse until I stopped having completed 4 hours of the run. I was ready to just lie down and die somewhere. Long distance running is about pace. I could not get the right pace, I was either too slow, too fast, exhausted and not feeling too good. I got home, crashed, drunk some water and broke into a fewer. I had a cold and suddenly everything made sense: legs feeling like cotton, the inability to eat or drink, lack of appetite, the feeling of tiredness. Damned, why did I not catch this earlier?

Sunday’s run was better: a slow 6 KM run, still not feeling too good.
Today’s training includes a deep water running class and weight lifting. For good measure I added a 6 KM walk which I completed this morning (walking to the office).

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