5 Peaks Race

Great trail race on Saturday. A beautiful 12 KM race in Mono Cliff Park. I completed the race in 1 hour 49 minutes. A couple of months ago the same race (approx) took me 3 hours.
Le bilan – like we say in French – of the past two months of training:

  • I can complete a 10 KM in 90 minutes
  • I can’t image not running for the next couple of years at least (or until I get fascinated by something else!)
  • I lost 10 pounds – not through any diet improvements (!!) but mostly because of the increased exercise
  • When people ask me why I run, why I want to complete the MDS, I have an answer: I run to eat.

What I need to improve:

  • My training schedule. It has tremendously improved compared to a couple of months ago however I am still not prioritizing training properly. I am happy, happier and happiest at work so it takes a complete priority over everything else. That won’t change so I simply need develop a set schedule two weeks in advance and not deviate from it.
  • Cross training: I need to include other activities in my training schedule. At the moment I run and swim. I don’t like using any of the training equipment (what a bore!) but I will need to change that. I will start biking and weightlifting as well.
  • Listening: developing listening skills is difficult. I need to listen to my trainer. I don’t think it is a listening problem though, I hear her loud and clear: it is just that I keep thinking that it can’t be that hard to run 20 KM, 50 KM or 100 KM. It actually is and the longer the distance the more prepared you need to be. It is starting to sink in slowly, very slowly.
  • Preparation: is half the battle. I am never fully prepared. I am used to flying by the seat of my pants when it comes to personal things and I am the type of person who will show up at a race still wondering if the water bottle I have will do the trick or not. I end up ditching it 5 KM into the race (oh my!) because it is a pain, too big and hell who the hell dies from thirst (I am sure I will pass a Seven Eleven somewhere).

Happy running! Many kilometers to go. Preparation for the Teton
this weekend is underway. I found out that it is actually cold in the Grand Tetons and warm clothes are a must. 
You can Download The Teton_Race_Map.pdf

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