A bunny no less

This is really no joke: Paul and I were returning to the office on Friday evening around 10 PM when we saw something furry dart from the back of the Idee building (where the Idee garden is located) into the parking lot. It was fast, it was furry and that’s all we could tell. I followed it. It was a rabbit! Now, we are 10 minutes away from Bay street, at Queen and Sherbourne and it is 10 PM … what’s a bunny doing in the middle of the concrete jungle in the middle of the night? We tried to capture it to no avail. We left it by the parking lot thinking that he looked like a smart bunny, that he already figured out that the Idee garden is full of goodies and that he could probably spend the night there. We returned on Saturday and basically spent the day getting a trap cage, rabbit food, and setting the trap. He indeed spent the day in the Idee garden. We captured it. He is a small brown rabbit. Looks scared. I am not sure if it is somebody’s pet. I could not stop laughing: there is Robert our amazing dog so sick he can no longer move and here is a bunny rabbit falling from the sky unto us. What’s going on up there? I don’t think Robert can be replaced by a rabbit (no matter how cute) if that’s what you are thinking!

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