Toronto Marathon

My running training this week was pathetic: one 5 KM run. I am not going to get a pat on the head from my trainer, that’s for sure. I am getting back to Toronto from LA on time for the Toronto Marathon on Sunday. I have not registered (hectic schedule at work) but I am planning on running the half marathon for fun and I will get someone to register me in person tomorrow. I would really like to do the marathon and I would have if the past couple of weeks of training were any good. I am going to stick to the half and see how things pan out. I am getting back on the training horse tomorrow, I took my running shoes and running gear so I will put in some miles before Sunday. Lisa (trainer) is going to kill me. I am not going to tell her anything until next week (she has not figured out blogs yet!). I better have a decent time to show for on Sunday.
I am starting to doubt my ability to participate in the MDS in April. It is one of the world’s toughest races and I have not been aggressive and consistent in my training. I don’t want not to cross the finish line in 2006. A bit of a crazy adventure I would have to say but I so love long distance running. I want to be out there pushing the miles and the longer the distance the better. I am also in love with gear. If you ask folks around me they may tell you that I am more in love with gear than the actual running – they are wrong!

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