Toronto Marathon

For Lisa my trainer:
I completed the half marathon on Sunday. Flew back from LA on Saturday night arrived at midnight, straight to bed and up by 6 AM. Did not have time to eat so again another run without fuel. I know this needs to change and it will eventually.

  • The race course was a downhill course
  • Wind at the end of the race
  • Great temperature for running – cold if you are simply standing around
  • It was an easy training run – did not push hard.


  • Not enough water. I again run without a water bottle. You are going to kill me I know but I can stand them, and I need to train more with the water bottles. I drank half a liter of water prior to the race start and that was it. When I try and run with a water bottle I end up ditching it 4-5 KM into the race. It is becoming costly. Answer: more training with water bottle
  • Not enough food: I run on half a Cliff bar. Zero fuel for the body. I felt it at the 15 KM mark. I was felt like begging one of the runners at the watering station for a gel. Some of the runners where carrying enough gels to last them a week if they where stranded on the course! Answer: get up earlier eat a breakfast and carry a gel or sharkies.
  • Not enough training: the previous week was appalling. I barely managed a 7-mile run the entire week so that was pretty pathetic. Answer: get back to my training schedule

A good thing happened: the Toronto Marathon organizers had a massage tent and I got a massage after the race. As you know I hate massages after races, I simply want to get the hell out and go home and crash for a bit. This was however a good decision. I had to be talked into it (of course!) but boy did it ever make a difference: I can walk today and not much pain has remained in my legs. My left leg has still not recovered from the previous race but it is feeling much better. I will get you my official time as soon a I get it (approx. 3 hours).

Race course: net downhill but quite ugly. Won’t do it again next year.
Next race: the JFK 50 Mile in November.

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