A good running weekend. 5 hours on trails on Sunday and close to 2 hours on Saturday. While on my 5 hour run I hit a low at the 3 hour mark and this bizarre quote popped into my head: “We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.” I could not remember where it came from – a quick googling reveals it to be a Kenji (Miyazawa) quote. Embrace pain? I rather kick its behind!
For a good 15 minutes I wrestled with myself: take a 5 minutes break; rest a bit… But I know what that means: if I give up and stop to rest for a few minutes, it gets harder to restart and gets harder to resist the call of a warm bed and brunch in bed… so I turn up the music, seek “Adrenaline” by The Roots and off we go into the trails with “Yo I’m in the eye of the storm, where the pressure’s on” and there is no stopping me. It was a good weekend and today I am not even that sore – thanks to icing my legs post runs.

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