Dynamic Duo!

The dynamic duo is now signed up for the JFK 50 Mile. Paul decided to join me for this run. What the hell: more clowns, more fun! The JFK website is the worst I have seen in a long time. So little information about the course. No detailed map, the current course map is pathetic and this tops the cake: no listening devices! When I read that I thought: oh they mean radio devices for the handlers who are following their runners… no they mean: no music! No music for a 50 mile run? What? The excuse: for insurance purposes. Well, I have news people: I signed your waiver and last time I checked I waived all my rights. Something happens to me: though luck. You wear an ipod = disqualification. I am going to wear one. I will run disqualified because this is not a qualifying race for me. It is just a race. Is this for real? Cell phones are allowed. I see an opportunity here.

The bib numbers:
Paul Bloore: 609
Leila Boujnane: 1334
I have a 5 AM start as I am a loser and they sweep the race course at 7 PM. You need to be done in 12 hours or you are picked up. I will have a two hour grace with the 5 AM start. Help me!

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