Sunday’s run was a bit of an adventure: 38 KM from Aurora to downtown Toronto. I got dropped off in Aurora because it was close to the 40 KM mark. It was a bit crazy given the weather: high winds and rain. I am getting used to mother nature’s treatment: anytime I decide to go on a long run (and by long I mean > 20 KM) mother nature comes out of the woodwork. What have I done to deserve yesterday’s winds? Out of this world! The run was a bit though. I reached rock bottom at 20 KM which was probably due to lack of food. I did the entire run on a single 300ml bottle of water with some heed. No food during the run, no breakfast. My trainer is going to kill me. I need to find a solution to the eating on the run challenges. I can’t stand gels (too sweet) or energy bars. I rather go without food to the finish line. Makes for a scary run each time. I need to give mouth to mouth to my brain which goes into shutdown mode as soon as it starts feeling starved. My solution: cut off communication with the brain, turn up the music, set the MP3 player on a single song loop to the finish line. This definitely has to change and I need to find a solution this week. The JFK 50 mile is in two weeks and there is no way I will survive 80 KM without food. I can’t eat and focus on running. For the long run, my only strategy is the finish line, nothing else matters. During the Aurora to downtown run, the goal was in front of me at all times: the CN tower was visible amongst the clouds and getting closer with each kilometer. Running on Yonge street is something else!
I recovered already from the run. Slept with ice: I fully iced my legs and I am dancing around today! It used to take me a week to recover from a run >30 KM.

My first 70 KM week in training!

Mileage week of Wed Nov 2 – Wed Nov 9: 71 KM

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