Product Management

Ken Norton shares a handful of lessons that he learned over the years in product management. Read his slides: an entertaining and bang-on presentation. My favourites:

1. Always trust your instincts
If you don’t have the right team, get it

2.  “Never tell people how to do things.
Tell them what to do and they will
surprise you with their ingenuity.”
(General George Patton)

3. Communicate to different people
in their own language.
And find out what motivates them.

4. Represent the points of view of the
people not in the room.

5. How to get respect from engineers.
Clear obstacles.
Always take the blame.
Ask smart questions.
Explain the “why.”
Know the top risks.
Bring the donuts.
(I would add pizza)

6. How to get respect from sales.
Know their number.
Get on the phone with customers.
Make promises so they don’t have to.
Help them be creative.
Bring the donuts.

and last:

Nothing helps a team become efficient more than a steady release tempo.

So off we go planning our next release!

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