I met Alec from Iotum at TorCamp a couple of weeks ago (and I still have not posted about my TorCamp experience – it is coming, no worries!). What he did not know when I met him was that I read his blog (via bloglines) for quite a while. Funny how things happen in the world of blogging. One of his last posts was actually a subject of heated conversation with a group of friends: “When to Use a Go-Between”. My position was quite similar to Alec’s: “as an entrepreneur, it’s actually not in your interest either to have someone else raise your money” and I would add “nor contact your potential clients nor find new markets for your product”. These early stage conversations are extremely critical to your relationship building, critical to your business – and you don’t want to (unless you are nuts or still need to go to start-up school) leave that to an intermediary. But having champions: that’s a different story! Worthy or another post soon.
Hey Alec, congrats on your guys latest development.

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