Torcamp_1  I attended TorCamp in November in
Toronto. TorCamp was organized (or
instigated by David Crow  (the instigator!). I am
glad he had been completely disappointed with the software dev community
in TO. I couldn’t say that I disagreed. I agree completely but it is
wonderful to see him actually take that in hands and organize TorCamp. I
was happy Idee was one of the sponsors.

The camp – or unconference – started with a social evening at the Social
and continued on Saturday for a full day of unconference sessions in the
offices of Teehan+Lax. Their space was amazing and allowed for great
interaction between all participants. Great whiteboards and small spaces
for casual get togethers between interested participants as well as
actuall conference rooms and presentation rooms for more structured

If you missed TorCamp, visit the wiki to get or stay in touch. There are
other events planned for the coming weeks as well as an Ottawa camp
which will be organized by Alec Saunders. Alec also gives a great summary
of TorCamp.

I met some great (new) folks:

Reg Braithwaite , Kate Trgovac,  Albet Lai from
Bubble, Jon Lax and Jeff Teehan from
Teehanlax, Mike Beltzner, Joe Clark, Patrick Dinnen
from the great WirelessTO, Jay Goldman and Jason Boyer from Radiant Core and Michael Glenn.

I also reconnected with friends: Rob and Daniel Burka. I missed Gil Katz (oh brother!). I also missed Ken Schaffer’s session since I had to race to the airport but I
so wanted to hear his "making money" presentation.

TheTorCamp photos can be enjoyed here.

Bryce_chiken1I also loved Bryce’s chicken.


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