Training Hell

Last week I was an inch away from giving up participation in the 2006
MDS. With 3 weeks of no training, a lot of travel and work piling up to
no end there was very little time or energy I could find to train. I
told my trainer and of course she said: "only losers give up before
getting to the start line" and "what’s wrong with you, has your heart
stopped beating?". What did I expect? She is right. You can’t give up
before even getting to the start line, and as long as my heart is
beating what the hell is stopping me from making the time and putting
the running shoes on. So last night, off I went in the dark, in -18C
(that’s freezing cold for those of you who are still using Fahrenheit!
Freezing cold!) and run I did! It was great!

While in Paris last week for work I met Ben Hammersley finally; you can
read his account of finishing the MDS here and talked to him about
training and I remembered that in a few weeks (in January) I will need
to start training with a backpack on. 6 KG minimum. I am not looking
forward to it and I am not sure how I will manage but two things are for

– There is no turning back. I am in and that’s that

– I am not a loser

This morning, I ran to the office, a short 5 KM run. Freezing. It is
going to take me a couple of hours to warm up.

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