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I have not posted in a few days. It has been a rotten week. I am sick. Bronchitis of some sort. I am going back to training tomorrow (Wednesday) and here is my planned training:

  • Wednesday Dec. 21: 60 min run
  • Thursday Dec. 22: 40 min run. Core work
  • Friday Dec. 23: 60 min run
  • Saturday Dec. 24: Snowshoeing galore
  • Sunday Dec. 25: Snowshoeing galore
  • Monday Dec. 26: Snowshoeing galore
  • Tuesday Dec. 27: Off

My good friend Michael (Mr. T) coined the phrase "binge training" because as he says: in the near future there is going to be an incredibly lucrative training branch (BingeTraining) and I will be its guru! What he really means to say of course is that there is no regularity to my training. When there is travelling, training suffers, when there is too much work, training suffers again and when I am sick well it takes a back seat. But there is the MDS looming at a frightening speed and the Death Valley Marathon in February. So it is BingeTraining time again! 

I am amazed at how Michael can train 5 days a week, rain, snow or shine. I am going to start joining him and Paul in their morning runs. I have been thinking about it for ever, the only reason I have not joined them is that as soon as my eyes are open I want to race to my desk and start working. I can’t stand doing anything else that early nor thinking about anything else that is not work. Of course many people out there won’t believe their ears but I can’t wait to get to work in the mornings! However I realize that the best time to train is before getting to work. Leaving my workouts to the end of day leaves them open to being postponed until it is too late. I am back and it is training time.

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