February Race: Death Valley Marathon

On February 4th I will be running the Death Valley marathon. This is the 17th annual. The race is now sold out. I am amazed at how many folks sign up for these races. The world has gone mad. This race is organized by EnviroSports and the proceeds from this race benefit the Death Valley Children’s Support Group. The marathon cutoff is 6 hour reflecting a minimum pace of 13:45 per mile.
The Marathon begins on Titus Canyon Rd. at Hwy. 374 at 3,400 feet and climbs its way to Red Pass at mile 12 (5,200 feet), before descending 5,000 feet over the final 14 miles to the finish (200 feet) at Scotty’s Castle Rd.
My plan is to fly into Las Vegas a day ahead of the race. Las Vegas is 2.5 hours from Death Valley.

The EnviroSports organizers have these words to share about Death Valley; the following is a paragraph from a recent newspaper article describing the Valley:
“. . . the most deadly and dangerous spot in the United States.  It is a pit of horrors–the haunt of all that is grim and ghoulish.  Such animal and revile life as infests this pest-hole is of ghastly shape, rancorous nature and diabolically ugly.  It breeds only noxious and venomous things.  Its dead do not decompose, but are baked, blistered and embalmed by the scorching heat through countless ages.  It is surely the nearest to a little hell upon earth that the whole wicked world can produce.”  (1894)

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