Grace under Pressure


Safety_gear_1    I absolutely love Safe – Design Takes on Risk which was given to me as a present. It is a brilliant design book and quite up my alley. I am fascinated by safety and protection gear for humans and animals. There is something amazingly protective and soothing about a piece of safety equipment (or safety art?). What Safe does (the exhibition was at the MOMA in NY) is really showcase great safety design. The objects featured include shelters for victims of disasters and homeless people, hideaway furniture, and personal armor and protective gear. This book includes an introductory essay by Paola Antonelli, Curator in the Department of Architecture and Design at The Museum of Modern Art in New York and also features the works of Bill Burns (Canadian) with his safety gear for small animals. Some of my favourite items include the:

  • Startloop car battery starting device
  • Watercone water collection device
  • Final Home 44-pocket parka
  • Treetents which were originally designed by DrĂ© Wapenaar for the Road Alert Group activists in England. These activists chained themselves to trees which were due to be cut down in the hope of saving them.

The Moma website has a complete list of the featured items in the exhbition’s website resources section.

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