Death Valley Marathon

Death_valley_marathon_3    Paul and I got back from London last night and today we are on our way to Death Valley for the Death Valley Marathon and 30 KM. When I registered us for the race it felt very far away and I can’t believe that I just spent the day in the office, went home and packed in 20 minutes to get out the door. I am in the Air Canada lounge right now trying to figure out what I missed during my speedy packing. At least I have my running shoes and that’s the most important item. This race is exciting and scary at the same time. For once it is the beginning of racing season for me. I think I have a race schedule every month until the end of the year. When it is too cold in Ontario I am running in California. I am hoping that my times have improved compared to last year. I haven’t run this week at all. Too much traveling and really just not enough down time. I am doing a light run tomorrow (Friday) and the race is on Saturday. There are a few Canadians in the race (athletes probably so I will get to see them at the start line and that’s about it!).

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