Urban Deconstructions


At Urban Deconstruction meet:
Artists Alekos Hofstetter and Holger Lippmann – Berlin
Architects Paul Raff and David Warne – Toronto
Co-curator and discussion moderator John Bentley Mays

Berlin artists Alekos Hofstetter and Holger Lippmann and Toronto architects Paul Raff and David Warne examine the deconstruction of urban architecture through drawings, photographs and video installation. Co-curated with journalist John Bentley Mays, this exhibition is the latest within a two year series dealing with urban transformations, from the industrial past to the present and beyond. Several Toronto buildings are carefully deconstructed, thus opening new perspectives on the functionality and aesthetics of architecture within time.

Wenesday  March  8, 5-8pm
Panel Discussion 7pm

163 King Street West, Toronto

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