Saturday long runs

The week is ending and I am thinking about the long run on Saturday. I missed running this week. We are quite busy at work and running is still taking a back seat to everything else. It shouldn’t because it is quite essential to my sanity but…
I won February’s mileage competition.
Clare: 86 KM
Paul: 10 KM
Leila: 131 KM

My weekly mileage at 32 KM a week is still only half of my desired mileage. I am going to change  that this month (March). Tomorrow is my long run day and I will run to Ikea in North York from the Drake Hotel. This will be uphill as I will run along Avenue Road. An approx. 20 KM run, I hope it won’t be -17C! You are probably wondering why Ikea? oh well, because of their $1.00 breakfast of course!

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