The Business of Software

I am speaking to the Business of Software class at University of Toronto this evening. It will be exciting I am sure. This term, there are 95 students — most are 4th undergrads, with about 20% grad students and a sprinkling of Ph.D. candidates. With trivial exceptions, they’re computer science students or electrical and computer engineering (ECE) students and this class is the only business-oriented course offered by the computer science dept at U of T.

I will as always provide a real-world perspective and an off-the-cuff presentation. I will post my presentation later if I get to putting it down on paper! The key will be to offer the students insight, advice, rules-of-thumbs and some good stories that will prepare them for the starting/steering, financing a growing software company. I will present for 25-40 minutes and then take questions from the students. Looking forward to it.

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