Running March 12-18

We have a new addition to the running team and that’s Michael, affectionately known as Mr. T. He is going to get us all killed: his average mileage is 70 KM per week and he is training like mad. I am not sure it is a good idea to include him in this mileage madness but here we go.

The running numbers for March 5-11, 2006 are in:
– Clare: 28.9 KM
– Leila: 30 KM
– Mr. T: 49 KM
– Paul: 10 KM
– Imran: 0 KM

I place second. I have no intentions of letting Mr. T win this week so I am packing my running shoes to California. Mr. T is doing the 30K Around the Bay this weekend and I am running in Marin County in California. May the best woman win!