Tid Bits

I am going to miss Scott when he is in Toronto this week. Bad. It so happens I am in California for the American Society of Professional Photographers (ASPP) conference. The schedule is interesting and I am looking forward to spending time with some of the professional photographers and industry attending. I will be giving a presentation about image monitoring. A few people have asked for a copy of the presentation: ah! yes, that would be nice wouldn’t it? but I don’t have a presentation! My "presentation" will cover the following:

  • How the (image) industry is currently monitoring image usage
  • Technologies used in the past for image monitoring
  • Emerging technologies for image monitoring and why you (the professional photographer) should care!

I will actually try and put together a bit of a handout for distribution after the conference and will get it to the folks who requested a copy.

A few tidbits for the only reader I have out there!
Andy Goetze has the best stock photography coverage out there so if you are interested visit StockPhotoTalk. I am amazed everyday almost at how much content and information he manages to gleam and put together. I would love to have him participate at the Picture Archive Council of America (PACA) annual meeting in Chicago. I am sure it is too late to get him included as a speaker but I am wondering if something could be worked out. He would provide a great overview of the industry to the Paca members and for a change it would be nice to hear somebody who knows what he is talking about! He would be the perfect speaker for the "Client Session: Where is the stock industry headed?" session! I am kicking myself for not having thought about it earlier. Perhaps there is still time? I am going to fire off a couple of emails on the way to California and see.

A couple of interesting essays from Scott Berkun for you budding team builders and managers:
Teams and Stars
Advice for new Managers

You have to love a VC with a sense of humour, via Rick, the Bessemer “Anti-Portfolio”.

Mashup business models, via Eli.

From Scott Dunlap an Interview with Trail Runner Magazine Editor, Michael Benge.

Oh the busy-ness!
"We have been misled. It is one massive lie, a great myth of modern American culture that the more you think, the more you multitask, the more you process and analyze and ponder and the more stuff whirling around your brain at any given moment, the smarter and more connected you are. It is, in short, a total crock." Amen to that. Via Troy Angrignon who is a clubfatass member (so am I). Running is my mind clearing approach. Can’t wait for my 30K run this weekend!

Mesh is in town. Participate. And don’t forget Barcamp too.

Brad is bang on with his "phone manners tutorial", you can after reading it expand it to email too.

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