DemoCamp 4.0

Tomorrow is DemoCamp day!

What is DemoCamp:
I am pointing to David who is quoting Joey:

     The purpose of DemoCamp is to bring together the many bright lights in Toronto’s high-tech community to show each other what we’re working on. If you’re working on a software or hardware tool, application or gadget and you want to demonstrate it in front of a group of your peers, you can demo it at DemoCamp!

The Details:
Date: Tuesday March 28, 2006
Time: 18:30 – 20:00 (drinks to follow at Pogue Mahones )
Where: MaRS, South Tower, 101 College Street, Toronto

DemoCamp format is a simple: 4-6 demos, each demo taking no more than 10 minutes with typically 5 minutes for questions at the end of the demo.
The demo schedule tomorrow includes:

  1. Semacode – create visual tags for objects and contexts, and read them using a mobile camera phone.
  2. Disposable Digital Cameras – Randy Glenn will demo how a really cheap camera can be turned into a reusable camera, and some of the details / new challenges associated with these disposable cameras
  3. Visual Search – Well you know who this folks are!
  4. – Bart Dabek will unveil questionVille tomorrow (very exciting!).
  5. Outmailer
  6. tagEngine

Post DemoCamp: The post demo camp gathering will take place at Pogue Mahones.
Post Location: 777 Bay Street just south of College. Reservations are under David Crow (Thank you David!)

If you have not registered to attend DemoCamp, do it now! There is still time and all are welcome.

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