Running April 2 – April 8

The running numbers for April 2 – April 8, 2006
are in:

– Clare: 23.9 KM
– Leila: 0 KM (I have a good excuse, I was sick!)
– Mr. T: 80 KM
– Paul: 11 KM
– Imran: 5 KM

Mr. T takes the jackpot again! He run the Seaton Trail this weekend which was a 52 km trail! Congrats dude! I put $5 in the running pot since I missed my weekly mileage goal of 50 km and so did Paul. Imran is quite smart as he set his goal at 5 km per week to save himself from having to give away his money! This week is going to be different. I am back from being on the road and I kicked my cold so running here we come!

I also have a new addition for the Idee running team: Sutha. I am looking forward to long weekend runs with him.

I registered for the Toronto 50K in May. More on that later.

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