Marathon Des Sables


The 21st Marathon Des Sables (MDS) just ended and am I ever glad, not to have been there this year. My favourite man has won again: Congrats Lahcen, he is just amazing, amazing, amazing! I am going to plan on spending a week with him in fall for some training and Sahara sightseeing.
This year’s participants numbered 731 from 32 countries. However 150 runners did not complete the race due to pretty horrible weather conditions (sandstorms and humidity), I can only imagine what it has been for some of the runners. I have been quite lucky. Paul and I will attempt the MDS next year (2007) and I am looking forward to it. We started working on a training plan for the rest of the year – for me it will involve 50 k weeks at least and as many races as I can participate in. I would love to do another race besides the MDS as it really feels like the MDS is the world toughest race, I would like an easy 2-3 day race first.

What it takes to put together the MDS

  • 100 volunteers on the course itself
  • 400 support staff overall
  • 100 000 litres of bottled water
  • 150 berber and saharan tents
  • 100 all-terrain vehicles
  • 2 helicopters
  • 3 mountain bikes
  • 6 "MDS special" commercial planes
  • 4 camels
  • 20 000 litres of diesel, 5 000 litres of petrol,
  • 10 000 litres of kerosene
  • 40 members medical team
  • 5 km of Elastoplast, 2 700 Compeed, 15 000 compresses
  • 2800 pairs of gloves, 2300 antibiotics, 5300 painkillers
  • 125 litres of disinfectant
  • 1 editing bus, 5 cameras, 1 satellite image station
  • 6 satellite telephones, 15 computers, fax and internet
  • 1 grain of folly…

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