Running April 9 – April 15

The running numbers for Sunday April 9 – Saturday April 15, 2006 are in:

– Clare: 22.4 KM
– Leila: 52 KM (I have a good excuse, I was sick!)
– Mr. T: 47.5 KM
– Paul: 18 KM
– Imran: 7 KM
– Melina: 0 KM
– Sutha: 0 KM

It was not a 100 K for me this week but merely a 52 km – but I won! I won, I won! Hurray! I need to keep the miles up otherwise Mr. T will get me next week and the week after. He is running the Mississauga Marathon but I am doing the Toronto Ultra, the two events are a week apart.

I can’t believe I am at the 50k week! Drinks anyone? Guinness Mr. T?

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