Don’t Say Nuthin’

Late evening at work trying to wrap a few things off and at the same time trying to compile music for my player for the race on Saturday. I erased all my MP3 songs (from the player) because they were starting to drive me completely crazy, I listened to them too too many times on the road and the trails. I don’t take my ipod on races oh no no no. I have this piece of junk that I don’t care about: an iriver player. There is nothing good about it, it is probably the worse player on the planet, it certainly has the worse user interface! but it works on a single AA batterie, and I really don’t care if I loose it, drop it or even forget it somewhere. The Roots rock and I am horribly tempted to complete the entire race on a single track Don’t Say Nuthin’ or Why (What’s Goin On?) – but I know that in the first 10K I will regret it and …so I am going to hedge and the entire Tipping Point is going on the player, and everyting I have from K-OS, Tupac, Mos Def, Bell Orchestre, Outlawz, Orishas, and…more Roots