Wireless Toronto

3 thoughts on “Wireless Toronto”

  1. Hey Leila
    Thanks very much for giving us a mention. We were really pleased with the Dufferin Grove write up, captures the thing well.

    Just to be super clear though, the Dufferin Grove hotspot isn’t launched yet. We’re still working hard on the technical stuff to be ready for the official May 27 launch.

  2. Thanks for the clarification Patrick. This is so exciting… Looking forward to the launch as I am sure your team is too! I hope to have a chance to pop by on Saturday – if I can still walk (I am doing a 50K in the morning, well I may still be out there by 6 pm!). Hope all gets sorted out for the launch.

  3. oh boy I am such a spaz! I actually thought that the date for the Duffering Grove launch was May 7 which is this coming weekend. It is actually scheduled for May 27. Ok, I really have to hold my horses here… looking forward to it! No posting before 5 cups of coffee moving forward.

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