Completing a 50k

The Toronto Ultra race was this weekend and I completed my 50K. I know what you are thinking: "why? why in the name of – insert your fav divinity here- would anyone do that?" oh well, that’s for you to ask and for me to ignore! The race was a blast. My legs still hurt and it will take a few days to recover. There were some incredible runners out there with a champion for the 100k in 7 hours and 16 minutes: Bob Sweeney – this is also the 2:30 hours marathon Bob! Jennifer Dick won the 50K in 3:48 hours – These folks are not human: they are machines!
I completed the 50k on 3 cups of gatorage, 6 (individual) chips and one candy. I must have set a record for the least amount of food consumed and water drank during a long distance run! I need to learn to drink while running otherwise I am not going to make it out of the dog house.

I am looking forward to getting back to training. I need to improve my performance. I have a series of races between 10-30k planned for the next few months but what I am really looking forward to is the Triple Tahoe in September: 3 marathons in a row (one a day) around lake Tahoe.
This time next year I will attempt the 100k. Already looking forward to it and its associated madness.