mesh conference


I am so tardy with this post. I am looking forward to the mesch conference and not just because I am leading a panel, ah no, I am actually looking forward to meeting the conference participants and my fellow presenters. You have to admire the mesh organizers’ enthusiasm and excitement. I first heard about mesh at one of the DemoCamp sessions a few months back. The idea of getting a group of people together in TO for everything that is the next generation web was a cracking good idea then and now! A tip of the hat to the mesh organizers: Mark Evans, Mathew Ingram, Mike McDerment, Rob Hyndman and Stuart MacDonald.

Stuart has final details of the conference on the mesh blog.

Schedule details:
Friday May 12: Evening with DrupalCamp folks, BarCampTdot folks and mesh
Saturday May 13: BarCampTdot
Sunday May 14: BarCampTdot
Monday May 15: mesh, social mesh in the evening in the MaRS atrium, Drake Hotel mesh party
Tuesday May 16: mesh

Check out the mesh schedule, register if you haven’t and join us next week. I am personally looking forward to getting a chance to spend a bit of time with Mark Evans, Stowe, Om Malik, Amber MacArthur, Rocketboom co-founder Andrew Baron, Tom Williams of, Dave Pollard from How to Save the World and George Irish of Amnesty International, Ren Bucholz of the Electronic Frontier Foundation but that’s not all there is also Steve, Mark, David Crow, Phillip Smith, Chris Nolan, Tara, Jen, Rick, Sutha, Albert Lai, Malgosia, Thomas and all the great BarCampTdot mesh participants! I am looking forward to all the conversations.

And between all of these conversations I still need to get some running done specially on Saturday morning: the 5 Peaks race series‘ first race is on Saturday morning!