mesh conference

On Tuesday I will be chairing a session at mesh. The session is currently titled "Creating a Viable Web Business" and we are so lucky because it is not "Creating a Viable Web 2.0 Business"! This made us laugh at our pre-panel drinks get together… The panel also includes Albert Lai of Bubbleshare, Mike McDerment of Freshbooks (Michael is also one of the mesh founders) and Malgosia Green of Nuvvo.

We will discuss what it takes to create a viable web business which really is not much different than creating a viable business period. No matter how you look at it you need: customers and the revenues we all associate with customers. We are however going to do it a bit differently and focus on what not to do: Malgosia says it well:

We’re all young entrepreneurs [except the sarcastic Leila], and if I may be humble enough to say, know more about what not to do than anything else. What I mean to say is when you get something right, sometimes it’s because you really knew what you were doing, other times it’s luck, but most of the time it’s because you got it wrong before, learnt from your mistake, and got it right. So, what better way to discuss “Creating a Viable Web Business” than to tell stories about how you’re definitely not going to create one.

That said, we will be prepared to answer questions from the audience. So participants, let me hear some of your thoughts, suggestions, ideas, questions. Looking forward to it all!