Running May 14 – May 20

This is pretty sad: I am not even able to keep up with posting our running numbers… sad…
My running is down the tube. I can’t believe this but hey I deserve it I did not prioritize running. For the last month it has felt that everything else around me was more important than running. Bad mistake. It should be the other way around: running is the most important thing to complete daily. Why? because it keeps me going, it keeps me focused, it keeps me working longer and harder and that’s what we need! So back to it little girl!

Estelle is joining our little runners’ club, and she is going to put us to shame – well with the exception of Mr. T of course who is untouchable! Estelle is a swimmer and is running as a cross training.
One thing to know Estelle before you throw your hat in this party is that: this is only a race for me. Everybody else is just having fun so don’t hold the numbers against any of the runners – some are recovering from injuries, others only walk but it is a great supportive group! So welcome on board. Email me your weekly numbers. The week runs from Sunday to Saturday and I will keep you posted as to any races we do this year!

Sutha, join me for a morning run tomorrow. Let’s get you restarted! Melina, you too.

The running numbers for Sunday May 14 – Saturday May 20:

– Clare: 21 KM
– Leila: 25 KM
– Mr. T:  68 KM
– Paul: 20 KM
– Imran: 6 KM
– Melina: 0 KM
– Sutha: 0 KM
– Estelle: 26.4 KM

The running numbers for Sunday May 7 – Saturday May 13, 2006:

– Clare: 20.5 KM
– Leila: 0 KM
– Mr. T:  46 KM
– Paul: 0 KM
– Imran: 12 KM
– Melina: 17 KM
– Sutha: 0 KM
– Estelle: 17.6 KM