I want to run damn it!

The past 3-4 weeks have been horrific for my running. Just bad. Too much work, not enough sleep and a lousy schedule which started me thinking about how do you achieve balance?

I want to work the long hours but I also want to run the long hours. I love work. I enjoy running and if I had to choose between work and running, work would win (every time). Now things are not that simple of course as I work better when I run. I am more focused, I am faster, I have a clearer mind. So really I should run, I need to run. It keeps me sane. The insanity of not running has to stop!

I lived without internet access at home for more than a decade mainly because I work long hours and the last thing I should be doing when I get home is checking email or going online. The strategy kept my work and my home life separate. When I get home I play with the pets, read, entertain friends and live simply. I don’t even have a TV at home. I have not had one in 15 years. Now this separation between home and the office is about to change because we just got high speed internet access. Why? well the simple answer: I need to be able to run prior to getting to work and that means running in the morning but… I can’t do that as my top priority in the morning is to get to the office, get to my desk and start the work day immediately. Now, if I get to login for an hour in the early morning, take care of urgent and pressing items, run and then get to the office my anxiety will be taken care off. I can already see what’s going to happen next: I will be online at the office and online at home and I will need a truck load of discipline to actually sign off and turn my laptop off. It is one hell or another. My luddite hell was nice while it lasted. Discipline, discipline, discipline.

and then I read Rob’s post. I now also have a blackberry. I gave up my cell phone a few years back and actually refused to get one until very recently (incessant requests from work!). This is going to require so much discipline.

This morning worked out beautifully so I hope I am back on the saddle: got up early, went for a run, got back home did some work, got ready for work and raced to work. I got both my run and early morning work done. The blackberry has not stopped buzzing all night. I could see its little light: blink blink blink…

Work hard, run hard, blog!

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